Remembering Singer/Songwriter Jane Train

NEWS 26 Aug , 2017 | 10:49 pm | Alexxis Steele

Jane  Train the beautiful and talented vocalist who started the popular band M80, was working towards her illustrious career, when her shining star was put out by a senseless tragedy on August 23rd, 2017. Her life was cut short by a vehicle  accident, when a tractor trailer slammed into the RV she was in  en route to a gig  that wounded many and killed both her and the bassist for the band Adrenaline Mob, of which she was tour manager for.

We have many memories of Jane in photos, and videos with the bands that she performed with, like M80, Headbangers Ball and her own band “Not By Sight”, with whom she had recently released a cd titled “Diary”, which included musicians from Fozzy, Sevendust, Evanescence, and ex- Breaking Benjamin band members. She worked with many greats in the industry, as the sole backup singer for Liz Phair, with Jo Lynn Turner on his record “Undercover”, among many others.

I had the opportunity to interview Jane a few months prior about her history and future, and chuckled at the fact that we came from similar  family musical backgrounds, both starting at a young age, supported by musician fathers  (mine drums, hers trombone) , that performed in the Big Band Era-
My father with the Harry James Orchestra and hers with the Dorsey Brothers, and we both had our own  first  bands at age 12. I felt a special sisterhood kinship with Jane because of this.

I feel very saddened that Jane is gone and never had the opportunity to reach her full potential. You could tell Jane loved life in what she was destined to do, and her faith was very important to her, as was evident in her original cd. Almost prophetically, Jane made a You Tube video of a cover song she loved, which said- “Im coming home, I’m coming home.. Tell the world that I ‘m coming home.. RIP Jane <3
Now you are lead vocalist for the choir of angels!