Donna Nye


Biography- Donna Nye

Donna Nye is the “Kick-Ass” guitarist / singer / songwriter/ for THE DONNA NYE BAND and KINGS & QUEENS ( Schuylkill County Pa based bands)

Her father, Don Nye is the keyboard player for both bands and is a music teacher that taught  Donna and Sandy multiple instruments at a very early age . Both girls played in the family band at 7 and 10 years old. Their mother, Marie Nye, wrote the lyrics for Faithful to me and Love’s lonely sea. Donna’s sister Sandy Nye is the bassist /vocalist for Kings & Queens. & The Donna Nye Band.

Donna has arranged and recorded well over 350 songs

Donna has arranged and recorded well over 350 songs written in both the pop and rock genre’s. She and her sister Sandy spent countless hours as teens writing songs that were influenced by hard rock bands like Ozzy Osbourne.
Starting out in their bedroom with their first recording on a cassette player, they eventually ,moved on to a professional recording studio in Mechanicsburg,  Pa.


Songs were inspired by their love of mythology, magical stuff and Donna’s relationship at the time, which entwined their experiences into their own creations.


Donna owns 2 Vintage 1975 Gibson Les Paul custom guitars, one blonde, and one sunburst worth $8,000.00 each. These  are identical to the ones that Slash from Guns N Roses uses to perform.
This rocker chick’s  guitar playing inspiration came  from great guitarists like Eddie Van Halen, Steve Vai and Ted Nugent.


In July of 2015, Donna accompanied by her then boyfriend, attended a 38 Special concert at
Penns Peak in Jim Thorpe, Pa. The soundman was a friend of hers that asked Donna to hang out on the tour bus in the early afternoon, and then later go to soundcheck with them before the concert.

Donna was asked to do a sound check with the other guitar techs onstage, and was able to tune up guitarist Danny Chauncey’s guitar for the show that night. This was a thrill and honor that she had this opportunity.

Check out her weekly one hour show, seven days a week at 7 Pm Est on WSNM Steel Waves Radio on the U-Rock Network.